I'm baaaaaccckkkk......Maybe

Wow, it's been a while. I don't even know where the time has gone!!! Bentley's Bows had a phenomenal fall and between working at the preschool, working On BBows, and the kids and holidays, etc., my blog just took last place. I'm hoping to get better, but not promising anything. Memaw has really been hammering me to blog, so here's my first attempt back.

In a nutshell, here is the current Bryant happenings.....Casey is doing great. His work is going really well. He went to his Mecca, Pebble Beach in October and has probably been day dreaming of being back there ever since then. He is currently coaching Riley's tball team and loves that too.
I am doing good. The bow bis has slowed down just a tad and I am taking a breather from the fall. This has allowed me to dive into planning a trip to Disney. We are leaving mid April for a 6 day trip and I'm pumped. It's so crazy how much time and effort and research goes into planing this type of trip. And of course planning the wardrobe of a prince and princess....that requires as much work as the parks!!!!
Riley is doing PHENOMENL In kindergarten!!! He is reading through the middle of first grade as of his last report card. It's so crazy that he can pick up practically anything and read it. He was also accepted into the Horizons program at Cy-Fair for the gifted and talented kids. He is such a good student and blessing to us. He also played flag football in the fall and is now playing tball. The kid loves sports!
Bentley is getting ready for her 4th birthday (mind you she has been preparing since her 3rd bday and it's not until June, lol). She is taking ballet and loved it. She listens well and does great. Her recital is on May 26th and she is pretty pumped about that. She and Riley do not know about our trip and won't know until the morning of, but she will be in of heaven. She actually thinks she is a princess, so she will fit right in with Belle and Cinderella. She is loving and caring and loves to learn. Bentley also has Jesus in her heart and shares that with most people she meets.
Those re the current happenings for this week....stay tuned folks.....I'm BAAAAACCCKKKK!!!!


Gig'em Aggies!! WHOOP!

As many of you know, I committed the cardinal sin and married a boy from the other side of the tracks. Over the past 10 years, we have learned to live in harmony, but boy it has been tough. Especially since 9 of those years, the longhorns have been very good at football. There is also that wonderful holiday where we are supposed to be giving thanks for all of the blessings the good Lord has bestowed upon us and, well, that is hard to do come about 7 pm that evening. We have learned that both Casey and I really need to watch that game alone in our home, NOT with family. (For the record, Casey does not like to participate in the Oliver Family yell practice that we do. NOR does he really dig the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band CD - I know folks, I don't get it either). But we overcame all of these hurdles. We both learned when to quit running our mouths, and we really try to follow the rules (for the most part) that we have set regarding fan pariphernalia purchases and what we teach our children.

Speaking of our children....Riley is going to make a great politician. He is an avid longhorn fan when Dad is around, but he changes quickly to a "Gig'em" when mom or Memaw is around. But Casey's brainwashing is slowly working more and more. He clothed his new Build A Bear purchase in a tu football uniform this past weekend. Bentley is still a little young, but I am working on her. She loves to be a "Gig'em" with her Mommy, but she also looks up to Bubba, so when he is leaning to the "hook'em" she tends to sway a bit too. These things really used to get to me, but now, I just don't have the energy to toil about it. I just have to turn this over to the Good Lord and pray that my kiddos will make a good choice.

Really, the whole reason for my post is just to boast about the awesome school I went to. I really do bleed maroon and I miss all that spirit that used to just flow from me. I believe that burnt orange cow has just worn me down these last 10 years. I love my school and I am proud of them, win or lose. (Although, I know this year (just like last year), A&M will kick tu's rear end, and he will just make excuses about why they lost). I love my husband and I love my school and we can co-exist, I just have to expel a lot of love for my Aggies on my blog.

As for their move to the SEC.....wouldn't you want to get away from ol' orange if you could?

Gig'em and God Bless!!!

P.S. I wanted to call this post "House Divided", but my Daddy always worried about Casey and I using that term. He felt that if we keep referring to ourselves as divided, it very well could drive a wedge between us. I believe our relationship is too strong for that, but I also believe that a lot of what happens in our day to day lives has a lot to do with the things you confess. So Gig'em Aggies it is!!!


Preschool - Monkeys and Doggies

Today was the first day of preschool at CCP.  Bentley and I were both excited.  I couldn't wait to meet my students and Bentley couldn't wait to be in the monkey class.  At school, each classroom has an animal associated with it.  My class is the dogs and Bentley's class is the monkeys.  She is going three days a week this year and I am also excited to see how that is going to unfold.  She walked in the place like she owned it this morning (she is there so much, she practically does).  She picked her favorite of her new school outfits and had her flower in her hair and so she was all set.  I dropped her off at child care while I was at my meeting and her old teacher from last year was handling child care, so that was a breeze too.  I checked on her mid-day (I love this about teaching at the preschool) and she was doing fine.  Her teacher told me that this was like old hat to her.  That makes momma feel sooo good.  She was really tired when she got home and she did finally lay down before ballet tonight.  She still takes 1.5 to 2 hour naps MOST days, so we will see how this all plays out.  Here are some pics!


And He Made it Home

Riley made it home safe and sound.  He is so excited and told me school is AWESOME!  He showed me his folder and he got a sticker for listening today.  His teacher also called to check and make sure he made it home ok and to tell me that he was a good helper and listener.  I am so proud of him!

First Day of Kindergarden

Well, today was the day that has been heavy on my heart for a couple of weeks.  I knew it was going to be hard, and it was.  First, we had his kindergarden picnic on last Thursday evening.  It was a nice thought, but it was soooo hot.  Riley did meet a friend or two, but we mainly just lost our body weight in fluid.  Then Friday morning, we met his teacher, Mrs. Melker.  She was very nice and I had a peace about her after having met her.  Her room was really decorated cute and was well organized (you know that is important to me and Casey's anal selves).  Riley was a natural.  He found his desk and just loved being in that atmosphere.  He was so excited.  I did good at this event.....choked up a couple of times, but didn't lose it. (Of course, I was chasing Bentley around and keeping her from knocking stuff over or getting on the classroom computer and this helped take my mind off things.) 

Then this morning came.....I felt sad the whole time I was getting ready.  It is really hard to be excited and act like you are sooo happy when really you are just sad.  I didn't even put on eye makeup because I could feel the water works getting ready to come.  Riley was dressed and ready to take on the world, or at least kindergarden for today.  The whole family went out to the bus stop to see himoff.  The bus was ontime and as it pulled up, the largest lump came up in my throat.  It stopped and he TOOK off running.  Riley was so happy and ready to ride this bus.  He was not nervous or shy or apprehensive.  I could not have felt more opposite.  Casey and I watched him get on the bus and he sat in the very first seat like a champ.  I have not been more proud and scared at the same time.  I am so proud of who he is and how awesome he handles situations, but I am so scared of what this world can introduce to him.  Needless to say, I cried my eyes out. 

I am now sitting here typing waiting on the bus to get home so I can hear all of the wonderful things he said about this new journey we are on.  I love you Riley and cannot wait to see your face this afternoon!!!!

Waiting for the bus

Excited about new backpack and lunch kit

Bentley was meeting the teacher today at CCP

Sibling love

Riley and Daddy

Waiting for the bus

Running to the bus

Bye Bye Bubba

San Antonio

After having so much fun hanging out with April and Greg at the family reunion, we all decided we needed a little vacay in San Antonio.  We got it on the schedule and actually made it there this year (we have talked a lot about this)!  We left early on a Friday morning and drove straight to the River Walk to have lunch and catch some of the San Antonio must sees.  We started with lunch and walking around.  Riley and Bentley loved to see the ducks and the big fish in the water on the River Walk.  After that, we hit the Alamo.  Riley was pumped to see some actual battlegrounds.  It was SOOOOO hot that we would just go into every other store to just cool off.  We also had some fun playing with the touristy JUNK they had.  Riley and Bentley also had a dance off in one of the stores that was rockin out. 

I know this pictue is not good of Bentely, but I just thought it was hysterical!

Funny sunglasses

Daddy and the kids (I am never in pics!)

Yep kids, that is the Alamo

The wax museum just happened to have some wrestlers in it!

Daddy gettin jiggy with predator

He looks so small compared to that!

We went to April and Greg's house after the RW and had some phenomenal food (actually we had awesome food all weekend!).  The kiddos had a great time playing with Julianna, James and Jake.  Saturday we got up and headed to Sea World, but momma did not bring her camera :(  So I have no pics from Sea World.  But the kids had a blast and April and Greg were the best tour guides EVER.  We hit all the hot spots and got to see the shows and Shamu.  Thanks so much guys for hosting us, it was a great time.\

And now for the king and queen of dancing.....


Fun in Box, Part 2 and The Dentist

I don't know why, but Bentley loves to get into boxes.  She does it all the time and it is just funny to me to see her wathcing TV or playing dolls in a box.  This was taken about 3 or 4 weeks ago and I had forgotten about it until I downloaded the pics.  She put all of her toys in the box and set it in the chair and climbed right on in!

This is not a big box.....there was stuff under her bottom

And she chilled like that

On July 26th, Bentley had her first appt with the dentist and Riley had his 3rd.  Riley, of course, did great.  He had to get his x-rays done again and then he got his teeth cleaned and he got a great report.  He will not be losing any teeth for a while, but the dentist said that was a good thing....the longer you keep your baby teeth, the longer you keep your adult teeth.  Good to know that Riley will not be running around red-neck and toothless at 50, lol.  (I thought that was a weird comment, hence the joke).

I was really worried about Bentley.  Most of you know that she is FAR from laid back and doesn't just cooperate for people in scrubs or white coats.  But I must give credit where credit is due, she did GREAT.  She had her first x-rays and then they cleaned them and flossed her.  She was patient and listened the whole time.  I was so proud of her.  Maybe having Riley there to go first helped, but whatever it was, I will take it!!!
Riley getting his x-rays

Bentley...she looks like a mental patient here

Checking out the equipment

She liked the sucky straw


5 Year Birthday Pics

We celebrated Riley's birthday this past weekend in Beaumont, but I forgot my camera.  We came home and opened presents and had the Canizaro's come over.  Riley had an AWESOME weekend!!!

Ready to tear into his gifts from Mom and Dad

Bentley was dying to help


Riley and Carter singing Happy Birthday