I'm baaaaaccckkkk......Maybe

Wow, it's been a while. I don't even know where the time has gone!!! Bentley's Bows had a phenomenal fall and between working at the preschool, working On BBows, and the kids and holidays, etc., my blog just took last place. I'm hoping to get better, but not promising anything. Memaw has really been hammering me to blog, so here's my first attempt back.

In a nutshell, here is the current Bryant happenings.....Casey is doing great. His work is going really well. He went to his Mecca, Pebble Beach in October and has probably been day dreaming of being back there ever since then. He is currently coaching Riley's tball team and loves that too.
I am doing good. The bow bis has slowed down just a tad and I am taking a breather from the fall. This has allowed me to dive into planning a trip to Disney. We are leaving mid April for a 6 day trip and I'm pumped. It's so crazy how much time and effort and research goes into planing this type of trip. And of course planning the wardrobe of a prince and princess....that requires as much work as the parks!!!!
Riley is doing PHENOMENL In kindergarten!!! He is reading through the middle of first grade as of his last report card. It's so crazy that he can pick up practically anything and read it. He was also accepted into the Horizons program at Cy-Fair for the gifted and talented kids. He is such a good student and blessing to us. He also played flag football in the fall and is now playing tball. The kid loves sports!
Bentley is getting ready for her 4th birthday (mind you she has been preparing since her 3rd bday and it's not until June, lol). She is taking ballet and loved it. She listens well and does great. Her recital is on May 26th and she is pretty pumped about that. She and Riley do not know about our trip and won't know until the morning of, but she will be in of heaven. She actually thinks she is a princess, so she will fit right in with Belle and Cinderella. She is loving and caring and loves to learn. Bentley also has Jesus in her heart and shares that with most people she meets.
Those re the current happenings for this week....stay tuned folks.....I'm BAAAAACCCKKKK!!!!

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